User-Centred Design and Evaluation of Interactive Media for Health Education, Communication and Decision-Making

The project consists of developing and evaluating novel, needed tools to support evidence-informed, values-congruent decisions in primary care. These tools will be used in modules (mobile-enabled web applications) to support six (6) common decisions in primary care. Emotional and cognitive effects of these tools will be evaluated to ensure they evoke desired responses (e.g., reduced confusion, increased rates of evidence-informed, values-congruent decisions). The modules’ usability and user experience will also be evaluated to ensure they are useful, easy to use and engaging, as these are critical predictors of future use, and collect pilot data to inform plans for further evaluation beyond this program.


Jessica Ancker
Patrick Archambault
Nick Bansback
Marie-Dominique Beaulieu
Jacqueline Bender
Julie Bettinger
Christine Chambers
Heather Colquhoun
Sophie Desroches
Caroline Diorio
Maman Joyce Dogba
Ève Dubé
Angela Fagerlin
Marie-Pierre Gagnon
Teresa Gavaruzzi
Anik Giguère
Jeremy Grimshaw
Kelly Grindrod
Aubri Hoffman
Noah Ivers
Eric Kavanagh
Shalini Lal
Julie Leask
Annie LeBlanc
France Légaré
Frédéric Lépinay
Shannon MacDonald
Matthew Menear
Arwen Pieterse
Mary Politi
Justin Presseau
Jacynthe Roberge
Geneviève Roch
Margarida Romero
Beate Sander
Laura Scherer
Dawn Stacey
Sébastien Tremblay
Robert Volk
Douglas B. White
Michael Wolf
Brian Zikmund-Fisher